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Why Choose American-Made Steel Products

Georgia is one of the most beautiful areas in America. In fact, you can’t help but get the feeling of being transported to a simpler time when you look at the Blue Ridge Mountains or imagine yourself at the Peak of Red Top Mountain.

Though times move quicker now, you still get the idea that things are slower in Georgia. When you purchase steel products made in America, you have the same feeling.

Imported steel is a major force in the US steel market. Though it’s cheaper, imported steel may come with a few other issues – one of them being quality. It’s often riskier to buy, and experts have found that American steel products are superior in many ways. American brazers work harder and produce finer items!

Here are some of the benefits of choosing steel products from Trinity Forge Steel Goods:

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Manufacturing Standards

The manufacturing standards of the company and country should be the first thing to consider when purchasing steel products. Each one has varying regulations, quality standards, and enforcement rules.

Overall, the manufacturing process directly impacts the quality of your results. The US maintains higher manufacturing standards for steel. In fact, the ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) establishes voluntary standards for international steel. However, companies could ignore them.

Each country, such as China, establishes its own manufacturing standards and regulations. Foreign ones vary, and the enforcement might not be as strict, either.

Chinese Steel Imports

These countries tend to cut corners to save money and produce steel faster. Enforcement and oversight are stricter in the United States, so you know that your fire pots and other steel products are made safely.

Oxidation and Corrosion Resistance

Oxidation and corrosion resistance are crucial factors for steel quality. Metal degradation may shorten the life of your favorite steel items. When that happens, it leads to having to replace them or pay more for repairs.

Imported steel is actually more prone to oxidation and corrosion because of the impurities used in the manufacturing process. You might be surprised to learn that American-made steel products degrade more slowly, even when they’re exposed to the elements. This sole factor makes US steel a smart buy!


American steel products are thicker, have better quality overall, and feature lower oxidation levels. Therefore, it’s stronger by default. Imported steel has inferior quality, so the products built with that material fail quickly.

Though the strength factor may not differ so much between brazers in America, it’s always best to buy local. If you live in Georgia, support companies that manufacture the steel in that state. The community thrives, and you get products that you know are strong and safe!


You’ve probably looked online at a few fire pots and thought they might seem a bit flimsy. This is actually a real issue. American steel is often thicker than imported steel – at about eight times the thickness.

The difference means that the items built in America from US-made steel can bear more weight, is more durable, and makes products harder to breach.

Did you know that high-quality steel products are almost impossible to penetrate?


It could be a catastrophe if structures, buildings, parts, and tanks fail. Since foreign-made steel has penetrated the US market, it’s often hard to tell if you’re purchasing poor-quality items.

Some American companies get their steel from foreign countries, too. Those items say “assembled in the US” instead of “made in America.” These are things to watch out for if you’re purchasing steel products and want the best!

Construction Steel Worker I-Beam American Flag

Environmental Impact

You may not realize it, but producing steel uses some of the environment’s resources. The EPA strictly regulates the environmental impacts, such as emissions, for American processing.

In a sense, it sets appropriate standards and enforces them to protect our environment. Other countries are lax in that area and may contribute more to global warming to produce steel.

How to Avoid Imported Steel

The easiest way to avoid imported steel products is to work with Georgia Smiths and Forgers. These professionals are local and must conform to the rules the United States puts on them. Therefore, the steel products you get, such as fire pots or kitchen shelving units, are made of quality components and designed to last for many years.

While you might pay slightly more than something made in China, you have peace of mind knowing that each item is durable. They come with ASME stamps, they feature the “made in America” stamp, and they’re stronger and better than products made elsewhere!

Final Service Thoughts…

If you want steel products that are made in the United States, you can’t go wrong with Trinity Forge Steel Goods.

Support local companies in Georgia without sacrificing quality or beauty.

This company was created by a man who understands mechanical engineering and is passionate about the olden days.

Look longingly at Providence Canyon and be transported back to the simpler lifestyle. Then, purchase products like the Kitchen Storage Shelf and be reminded of that every day in your own home. Trinity Forge also offers mobile welding services when needed!

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